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Essential Tips for Choosing a Bathtub

With any home remodeling project, you need to start with a remodeling design. Taking measurements of the space will help you plan what type of bathroom features you will have room for in your space. A bathtub will take up most space, aside from the vanity or shower, so you should do your research to discover what type of bathtub you might want and what you will have to plan around. Bathtubs come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and designs, so there is an option to match any home décor. Continue reading to see what some of the different options are and a few tips to help you make the right decision for you.

Know What Types of Bathtubs There Are
While there are many types of bathtubs, you should know there are two main types of tubs—freestanding and built-in. Freestanding tubs, such as a claw foot tub, are often used as the focal point in a bathroom. They offer a more dramatic choice of style. Other types of bathtubs, such as alcove, drop-in, or corner tubs, are often built into the overall theme of the bathroom, and do not stand out as much. Alcove tubs are often used as a bath and shower combination, making it a great choice when space is tight but you still want to include a bathtub.

Research Different Materials
Just as bathtubs come in different types, they are also made of a variety of materials. Acrylic and fiberglass are most commonly used, as they are durable and are budget-friendly. Other choices like metals or stone can create a unique look in your bathroom.

Consider What Features You Want
There is nothing wrong with a clean and simple classic bathtub, but if you are looking to create a bathtub that is a tranquil, relaxing oasis, then you have some additional options. Add-on features, like jets and bubbles, are easily built-in and can be used to provide extra comfort.

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Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances create a modern, functional look in your home. Stainless steel is often used in kitchens, because it matches any home décor. From sleek and trendy to classic kitchens, stainless steel appliances are often used to complete a kitchen remodeling project. Despite what stainless steel implies, these appliances do not magically clean themselves. Luckily, cleaning stainless steel can be easy.

To effectively clean stainless steel, you should first understand that similarly to wood, stainless steel has a grain. You should always clean in the direction of the grain, as this will help avoid streaks or spots after cleaning. Many people find that vinegar is an efficient way to clean stainless steel, leaving it looking brand new. Avoid using all purpose cleaners, and use products that are specific to stainless steel and metal.

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Examining Some Unique Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

In many homes, the kitchen is the new living room. It is a space where food is cooked, families share meals together, and where guests congregate. Since so much of your time at home is spent in the kitchen, it should be a space you want to be in. For this reason, kitchen remodels are among the most popular of home improvement projects. With so many people investing in new kitchens, it is not hard to find inspiration from others. From updated cabinets to new countertops to a full renovation from the ground up, there is no project too small or too big to help you create your dream kitchen. Keep reading for just a few ideas of what you can do to transform your own kitchen.

Getting the Most Out Of Open Concept Design
Home renovation and open concept are nearly synonymous these days. Open concept is a trend that is still on the rise in homes, and for good reason. Open concept designs create a functional flow throughout living spaces and create a cozy, inclusive feel to the home. With open concept designs, kitchens are no longer closed off. This creates endless possibilities for creating a stylish kitchen to match your home décor. By installing a kitchen island, you add counter space and storage without taking away from the feel of openness.

Updating Countertops and Cabinets
While laminate countertops are an affordable and versatile option for kitchen countertops, you can turn any kitchen into a luxurious, gourmet looking kitchen by just updating countertops to granite, quartz, or other high-end materials. New cabinets can transform kitchens from being drab and outdated to new and functional.

Adding Light
Installing lighting fixtures and backlighting under cabinets brightens up the kitchen, making it a more inviting space. Built-in lighting creates a clean and finished look.

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Matching Your Wall Paint to Your Home Décor

Home Remodel Bay Area

Choosing a color scheme for your home is not always an easy task. While some people find selecting the right colors intuitive and easy, others can feel overwhelmed or unsure when searching through their options. Clashing or inharmonious color combinations can make a room seem unwelcoming but the right color scheme can help create the optimum environment. If you are choosing shades of paint for your home décor scheme, there are a few factors you should consider.

Begin with Your Furniture
It is often easier and more convenient to match your wall paint to your furniture than vice versa. Check first to see which items of your furniture are brightly colored. The right shade of paint can be used to match or complement a wardrobe, bedspread, or couch in an eye-catching hue.

Focus on the Dominant Color
Consider which color is most prominent in the room you wish to redecorate or remodel. You can then select a shade of paint which contrasts with or harmonizes with that color. Sometimes, subtly different shades within the same color family can look appealing together. Think about painting different walls in different colors or using an accent wall to highlight a particular shade.

Don’t Forget the Ceilings and Floors
Ceilings and floors can also provide opportunities to enhance your color scheme. Consider painting your ceiling a lighter or darker shade than the walls. Think about the wide range of flooring options available. Choose between light and dark woods, or carpeting or linoleum, in a wide range of shades and patterns.

Here at Sincere Home Décor, we have extensive experience with home improvement and remodeling. If you are looking for ways to change or enhance your home environment, we can offer advice. Let us help you choose the ideal color scheme for your home. To find out more about our Bay Area home improvement store and how we can help you design your dream home décor, or call us at (510) 832-2838.

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Design Details for Your Remodel

If you are interested in Bay Area home décor or are thinking of a home remodeling project, this video will provide you with useful ideas. Watch it to find out more about how one mother and her team redesigned her daughter’s apartment, with spectacular results.

The video demonstrates how you can combine custom-made furniture with less expensive shop-bought items to achieve an appealing décor scheme. The presenter discusses how to arrange seating to create the perfect conversational area in your living room. The video shows how to use recycled materials, such as reclaimed timber, to provide rustic appeal. The presenter shows how to use furniture to separate a single space into two different areas, such as dining and living areas.

Here at Sincere Home Décor, we love helping customers create exciting new looks for their homes. Find out about our range of home supplies and home remodeling services by calling us at (510) 832-2838.

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