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Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is the busiest room in your house, and can also be the most cluttered. With a lot to store and minimal space, it can easily become disorganized, making it much harder for you to find what you need. Stop by your Bay Area home improvement store and check out the following tips to get the most use out of your kitchen cabinet space.

Empty Your Cabinets

Remove each item from your kitchen cabinets and regard it with a critical eye. Put aside any gadgets, dishes, and pots and pans that are broken or rarely used. Throw away broken items, and donate ones that may be usable for someone else. Your goal is to keep only the items that are well loved and often used. Sort the remaining items into groups, keeping like items together.

Make a Plan for Your Cabinet Space

Take note of the cabinet space you have to make a storage plan. Choose each item’s place based on how often it’s used. Put items that you reach for multiple times a day—like glasses, mugs, and plates—in cabinets that are at eye-level. Pots, pans, and appliances that may not be used on a daily basis can go in the lower cabinets. The highest cabinets in your kitchen can be used to store items that you only use in special circumstances, like holiday tableware and specialized kitchen appliances.

Streamline Your Food Storage

If you don’t have a pantry and use kitchen cabinets for food storage, you can make a few changes that will save you space and keep food fresher. Purchase some clear plastic shoebox containers to store food that comes in small packets or boxes, like oatmeal, nuts, raisins, and pudding. This will keep them from getting scattered throughout the cabinets and spilling open. Cereal that comes in large boxes or bags can be poured into plastic containers that are smaller and will keep the cereal fresh for longer.

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Organizing Your Kitchen Countertops

When you are thinking about kitchen remodeling in the Bay Area, you should try to find accessories that add organization and convenience to the kitchen. Instead of burying your utensils in the drawers, you can buy a knife block and a utensil holder and keep them on the countertops.

Make important accessories a part of your décor. You can hang measuring spoons from a decorative holder and use a fruit hammock to stylishly display your fruit. Get more great organization ideas in this video.

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The Benefits of Granite Countertops

Your Bay Area home décor should perfectly blend style and function to give you the most aesthetic appeal and convenience. If you are looking for new countertops, keep reading to find out why you should choose granite.

Every Piece of Granite Is Unique

If you want to enjoy a beautiful and individual décor piece in your home, granite is a great material to use. Since it is natural stone, every slab is unique and can give you the one-of-a-kind appeal that you desire for your home décor. Use your new granite countertops to serve as the foundation for your updated kitchen décor and choose other features that complement them.

Granite Adds Value

Since granite countertops are so desirable for a wide range of potential homebuyers, adding these countertops to your décor can increase the value of your house. Granite will not depreciate over time, which means you can install it now and still enjoy its increased value whenever you decide to sell your home.

Granite Is Sanitary

Granite is a smart material to use for your kitchen countertops because it is sanitary. When granite is sealed properly, bacteria cannot penetrate its pores. You do not need to use any harsh chemical cleaners to make it safe for use. You can simply use warm water and a mild soap to clean off your countertops before you use them again.

Granite Can Withstand Heat

Granite is an ideal material to use in the kitchen because it can withstand high amounts of heat. You do not have to pay special attention to the countertops when you are cooking or preparing food, which makes it easier to complete all of your kitchen tasks.

If you want to incorporate granite countertops into your interior design, Sincere Home Décor is here to help you do it. We provide a wide range of quality remodeling materials like countertops and cabinets to give you the tools you need to update your home. To learn more about our products, visit us online or call (510) 379-9564.

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Brand Spotlight: KraftMaid Cabinetry

At Sincere Home Décor, we bring you some of the top brands for home décor in the Bay Area. One of the high-quality brands we carry is KraftMaid Cabinetry. Keep reading to learn more about KraftMaid Cabinetry and how it can help you with your next remodeling project.

With more than four decades of experience in the industry, KraftMaid Cabinetry knows what it takes to create products that last. Their customized cabinetry can help you build a new kitchen décor to your standards. They create cabinets in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure that each and every customer gets exactly what they want. As one of the largest built-to-order manufacturers in the country, KraftMaid is ready to build you your ideal cabinets.

Come to Sincere Home Décor to get KraftMaid Cabinetry and other top brands for your upcoming remodeling project. Whether you are simply updating your cabinets or redoing your entire kitchen, we bring you the products you need. To learn more, visit us online or call (510) 379-9564.

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